Energy Balance Wellness

“Every day is an opportunity to heal.”

As a shamanic practitioner, I work with the energetic aspects of illness, emotional traumas and personal imbalance.  This healing work involves the removal of unhelpful and harmful energies we may be holding in our bodies and energy fields and when this happens we are able to move into a more balanced state of wellness as our personal power and energy returns.

Some clients come to me when something first manifests as they have an awareness of what could be happening energetically.  Others may seek a healing when they have tried other options that have not worked for them or they feel stuck continuing with a treatment that has brought them to an impasse.

Please take a look at my services and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Ber Weyde

Healing Services

“I had the amazing privilege of spending a morning with Ber, she worked with me on so many aspects. She led me into my first Journey, helped me find out what my power animals are (two came forward), removed blockages and did soul retrieval.” ~ SD, Isle of Man

I had a House and Land Balancing with Ber,  I provided a copy of a google map of my house and garden, also a floor plan of inside.  After the balancing and clearance was done Ber went through everything with me.  I was truly amazed as to what she found and so glad she was able to clear it for me. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ber for whatever your needs are.” ~ CBQ, Isle of Man

“Ber has such a way with words, she explains and describes everything so articulately thereby setting the scene. She is a wealth of knowledge and information, and everything just makes sense with her. It was such a beautiful and calming experience and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.” ~ SB, Isle of Man