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Shamanic Healing is one of the oldest healing practices in the world and exists in numerous cultures. At its core it is about restoring energy and power to a person and helping them return to a state of wellness.

Shamanic Healing Session

This is an intuitive shamanic healing session.  We will work in sacred space and do preparation work together to support the Healing which will consist of a number of things, including any or all of the methods described below.

What is offered and done will be for your highest good and the highest good of all.  This is the foundation of the work we will do together.

Types of Healing

Soul Retrieval – is an ancient form of spiritual healing in which a soul part, or multiple parts, are located and returned to the client.  When this happens it restores energy and spiritual power and contributes to a return of wholeness and wellness.

Soul loss occurs when a part of our vital essence, a soul part, leaves us during a traumatic event in order to cope with the pain and impact of what has happened.  We can suffer soul loss through all manner of experiences e.g. a car accident, surgery, bereavement, illness, lack of love and good parenting when a child, emotional and physical abuse, assault etc.  PTSD is often associated with soul loss.

Extraction – this is one of the most common methods done during a shamanic healing.  It involves the removal of non-beneficial energies from a client’s body and/or energy fields and cleaning and healing the areas where they were removed.  Some energies may be projections from other people like jealousy, envy, back-stabbing etc, others may be different types of energies.

Once they are removed there may be a noticeable difference to the client with feelings of e.g. feeling lighter, less anxious, more energy.

Divination – all shamanic healing starts with a divination journey where a practitioner seeks counsel with their Spirit Allies to see if it is appropriate to help the client or not.*   Divination may also be useful during a healing session and we will take guidance on this from our Spirit Allies during our time together.

Power Animal Retrieval – is a shamanic method used to retrieve and reunite you with your Power Animal or another helping Animal Spirit which has come forward to offer support to you at a particular time in your life.

Power Animals are a beautiful and essential part of shamanic healing work.  You can call on their strengths and wisdom and imbue yourself with their qualities as you navigate your life and your soul’s journey.  They are helping Spirits, with whom you can connect directly with and receive teachings, guidance and protection from.   All their offerings will be for your highest good.

Psychopomp – this healing is offered to a discarnate soul or souls whose presence is affecting the personal space/energy fields of the client.  When we reach out to these souls with compassion, they will often accept help and be guided to move on to where they need to be thus clearing the client’s energy fields of their influence and facilitating in the well-being of all concerned.


All sessions are held via Zoom and the meeting link is contained in your appointment email.  In preparation for our time together you will need:

  • A good internet connection
  • A device with a decent sized screen such as a laptop or tablet is ideal.  If you only have a mobile phone that will work though your viewing screen will be smaller.  Whichever device you are using, it should have a front-facing camera
  • A quiet room, where you will not be interrupted


£97 / up to 1.5 hours.

If possible, I recommend you schedule your appointment so you have time for yourself before and after our meeting and as such you will not be rushed having to attend to other things. Your clear intention and desire for information and healing will support the session and I encourage you to think about this and be a co-creator of your own experience.

* When someone requests a shamanic healing, I do an initial divination journey privately to see if I can help them.  I will then advise the client of the outcome of the journey namely:

  • if the response is favourable, I will advise this and we will meet on Zoom on the day of the appointment
  • if the response is not favourable, I will advise within 24 hours and issue a full refund.  Occasionally this happens and it is no reflection on anyone.  Reasons for not being able to help someone could be:
    • That the services I offer are not what they need or,
    • that I am not the appropriate person to help them at this moment in time


18 years of age

You should attend your appointment fully sober and not under the influence of any recreational drugs. I recommend you avoid both alcohol and recreational drugs for at least 24 hours before and after a healing. Prescription medications are fine.
If you are pregnant, please contact me before you book an appointment so I can assess if my services are appropriate for you
As part of our healing work together, you may be invited to journey for yourself as a way of co-creating your own experiences. If you have any current or historical mental health issues which may impact on your ability to journey safely, please let me know prior to making an appointment.
Schedule your appointment so you have time for yourself afterwards and are not rushed having to attend to other things. Your clear intention and desire for healing will support the healing process and I encourage you to think about this and be a co-creator of your own healing. When you book an appointment you will complete a short form where I will ask for some details as to why you are requesting a healing. Please provide me with clear information so I understand and can prepare for our time together. Reflect for yourself on what is happening in your life and what you would like to improve/change so you can return to a state of well-being. Examples may be: challenges you are facing, past traumas, self-esteem, negative belief systems, fluctuating energy levels, sadness, relationship issues, repeating patterns in your life etc.

After your appointment it may take a few days to fully integrate the information and healing you have received. Some people experience a dramatic change and with others it may be more gradual. Be sure to take care of yourself afterwards and, ideally, spend the following days nurturing yourself through grounding, hydrating and eating well (live foods in particular), spending time in Nature and generally doing things that you enjoy.

To reschedule, please refer to your appointment email and you will find a link there to do this.
You may cancel your appointment by providing me with at least 24 hours advance notice and receive a full refund.
If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, a £15 charge is levied and the balance will be refunded to you.
In the event your scheduled appointment is cancelled by me, I will contact you straight away to see if you wish to reschedule or receive a full refund.

The services provided by Ber Weyde are on an energetic and metaphysical level. Many people experience an improved state of well-being after a Healing, Hypnosis or One-to-One session but this cannot be guaranteed.
Ber Weyde is not a medical doctor or licenced medical professional.
By requesting and purchasing a service with Ber Weyde, you acknowledge you understand the type of services offered and are happy to proceed.

If you would like to gift a healing to someone, you can purchase a gift card here but please be aware, it is important that you consult with the person before making a purchase as they should understand and be invested in the healing services I am offering and the energy work that will be done.  In order for them to make an informed decision it is recommended they visit this website and see if my services may be of help to them. Gifting a healing is not suitable for someone who is unaware of the energy work we will do together.

Please note: gift vouchers are non-refundable and valid for 12 months from date of purchase.