I have been fortunate to train with some very special people and I am deeply grateful for their insights, guidance and support.  My desire is to continue to build on what I have been offered and create something of value for myself and the community.

David Leesley

David was born on the Isle of Man and is trained in a number of complementary medicines. He has also lived and trained with indigenous tribes in various parts of the world and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute.

He closed his healing and teaching practice in 2023 and is now retired.

Trainings undertaken with David:
– Shamanic Dowsing for Health
– Advanced Shamanic Dowsing for Health and Celtic Funerary Protocols
– Psychic Hygiene for Self and in the Workplace
– Dowsing for House and Land Balancing (practical and remote)
– Death and Dying Celtic Funerary Protocols

Catherine Hughes

Catherine is a Guest Faculty with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies (FSS) which was founded by Michael Harner in 1979.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Catherine is an experienced shamanic practitioner, artist and former art educator who offers in-person and online classes in shamanism.

Learn more about Catherine’s work here: www.wayfindingspirit.com.

Trainings undertaken with Catherine:
– Shamanism, Spirits & Healing
– The Shaman as Psychopomp
– Shamanic Extraction Healing Method
– Power Soul Retrieval Method
– Inspired Shamanic Practice: Essentials of Effective & Principled Shamanic Healing
– Core Shamanism Healing Practice

Betsy Bergstrom

Betsy has taught mystery based traditions for 35 years and is a graduate of the 3 year shamanic training programme offered by the FSS.

In particular, she has developed and teaches the following programmes for which she is highly regarded: Curse & Thought-form Unravelling; Compassionate Depossession; Seiðr High Seat Ceremony and Völva, Vala Norn, a new, 9 month training programme in Seiðr work. Betsy also offers 3 hour, online Norse Vision Quests.

Learn more about Betsy’s work here: www.spirit-wise.com.

Trainings undertaken with Betsy:
– Curse & Thought-form Unravelling
– Energy Hygiene
– Mediumship
– Völva, Vala, Norn

Mag. Roland Urban

Roland is Director of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe and lives in Austria. He is a shamanic practitioner and implements, as well as manages, international workshops and research activities. In addition, he is a health, clinical and emergency psychologist, community worker, lecturer, author and publisher.

Learn more about Roland’s work here: www.shamanism.eu.

Trainings undertaken with Roland:
– Shamanic Divination in Practice
– The Shamanic World View: Everything is Alive
– Shamanism for Inspired Local & Global Change
– Core Shamanic Peace Laboratory (1)

Barbara Meneses

Barbara comes from a family of journalists. She is a former Middle East journalist herself and was the youngest reporter in the Gulf War during 1990-1991 reporting from Bagdad and Kuwait.

In 2014-15 she met the founders of BAJ Laboratories in Poland as she wanted to develop Lecher Antennas. After this encounter, she was invited to become Distributor of BAJ products in Spain and other countries of the world.

Barbara is a Dowser and Bioenergetic Practitioner and offers courses in Radiesthesia and Dowsing.

Learn more about Barbara’s work here: https://www.baj-pendulos.com.

Training undertaken with Barbara:
– Mental Dowsing, Vibratory Radiesthesia and Pendulum Healing (Level 1)

Candace Craw-Goldman

Candace has been involved in the Healing Arts since the year 2000 and has studied with many healers across the world.

Notably, she worked closely with the late, Dolores Cannon from 2008-2014, assisting her in her live trainings and workshops and was the first Level 3 student of Dolores’ Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

Learn more about Candace’s work here: www.quantumhealers.com.

Trainings currently undertaken with Candace:
– Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Paul Francis

Paul is a shamanic practitioner, teacher, writer, and founder of the Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism based in Llandudno, North Wales. You may have come across his name if you have been on Amazon looking for no nonsense books on Shamanism as Paul’s first three books are all best sellers.

Learn more about Paul’s work here: www.therapeutic-shamanism.co.uk.

Trainings undertaken with Paul:
– First Steps in Therapeutic Shamanism
– Exploring the Lower World
– Extractions, De-possessions, Disentangling
– Animal, Plant, Standing & Stone People
– Finding your True Soul

Other teachers of note include:  John Moss and Peter Stott (British Society of Dowsers, Earth Energies I & II) and Raymon Grace, who I have not formally trained with but through his many videos and books, has helped me expand my dowsing practices.