Ber Weyde

“You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean, in a drop.”

~ Rumi

Born on the Isle of Man, I have lived here most of my life and always felt a deep connection with this land, even when I lived overseas for some years.

My initiation into this work began through dreamwork in my childhood and over the years led me to explore different spiritual paths and practices, particularly eastern traditions.

About 20 years ago I began to re-explore more earth-based paths nearer to home and was guided to Druidry – this is when things really changed for me as I felt like I was meeting an old friend and coming home. Memories of how aware I was of the magic all around me when a child re-surfaced and I again began to experience everything as alive and conscious.

Since then, it has been a natural expansion into Shamanism and other fields of energy work, all of which have supported my own healing and development and helped me identify and manifest the authentic life I was always searching for.

My aim now is to support others as they navigate their own healing journeys.

Ber Weyde is a Shamanic Practitioner, Energy & Health Dowser, OBOD Bard and is currently training in Radiesthesia.

Ber also posts about Manx history, folklore and well research on her two websites ‘As Manx as the Hills‘ and ‘Isle of Man Wells‘.

“Working with Ber has been a life changing experience for me. Our time together has been a pivotal part of my own personal growth, understanding, and unlocking of my own internal comprehension and abilities. We have explored a plethora of different Shamanic teachings from Journeying to find my Power Animal, Soul Anchoring, Psychic Hygiene and Dowsing. Ber holds space without judgment or agenda and with deep compassion and sincerity which I believe is crucial for the student to go deeper within themselves.

I am grateful our paths have crossed and I cannot recommend Ber enough to anyone seeking a Shamanic teacher for their journey. She has been the catalyst for one of the biggest transformations in my life.” ~ JB, Isle of Man